What is Leveraging Your Voice?

Leveraging Your Voice (LeVo)
provides resources to build leadership confidence and knowledge to leverage their voice.  LeVo is a company that provides opportunities and tools to maximize potential of marginalized leaders, bridging leaders to mainstream leadership, and to promote one's voice.  

So exactly what does this mean? 

leverage [ˈliːvərɪdʒ -vrɪdʒ] noun  the leader's leverage at the table.  INFLUENCE, power, authority, weight, sway, pull, say,  advantage, pressure; informal clout, muscle, teeth, positioning strategies, dual integration skills, leveling playing field.  

marginalized [ˈmɑːdʒɪnəˌlaɪzd] verb  a leader who is set apart from the dominant culture because of race and ethnicity, gender and identity, socio-economic status, linguistic, disability, and sexuality.  SIDELINE, alienate, trivialize, isolate, cut off, disenfranchise, overlooked, discriminate against. 

voice [vɔɪs] noun  represents a unit of expression including standing up for oneself, defending a position and asserting one's rights. SAYinfluence, vote, input, role, representation, a seat at the table, empowered articulation, credibility, strategic communication.

 What will Leveraging Your Voice Do For Me?
Leveraging Your Voice (LeVo) believes in making a difference in your evolving leadership and the communities you serve.  We aim to uncover your assets to create a catalyst to change. We aim model our own personal resources, professional knowledge, experiences and voice in your evolving leadership journey beyond the margins. Learn more about LeVo's services. 




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